We love great events! (We reeaallly love wine … and bacon!)

But most of all, we also love you! Yes, that’s right – you, you cool cat, you!

We understand that you’re not like everyone else. We get that you don’t dig onions or slimy anchovies. Or that maybe you’d like to try an Indian & Creole fusion dish….

So we don’t have menus for you to choose from.

We do what the old folks used to do….

We meet with you. Talk with you. Maybe even face-to-face! *Gasp!*

We ask the right questions to understand your vision for the day and your likes and dislikes, and develop a menu and event that suits you to a ‘T’!

After all, you know what you like best, right?

Nicole Baumgartner

We got you covered.

With over 15 years in the hospitality industry – I know what it takes to make you and your guests happy.

I have worked at some of the most prestigious catering companies and venues in the K-W Area, and have helped plan some of the region’s largest events including the Manulife Classic LPGA Classic, Big Music Fest, Great Local Food Chef-Off, and Taste Real Field Dinners.

But those aren’t really the events I am most proud of. I love intimate dinner and cocktail celebrations in people’s homes.

I love working with brides on the day of their dreams. I also love anything and everything in between – births, celebrations of life, anniversaries and birthdays. Or a memorable lunch or dinner service for you and your clients and staff.

With MOD Custom Catering you get it all – customized menus, stellar service, and we can add decor and rentals to your event in a breeze. Let our squad handle your event, while you enjoy looking like a rockstar!